New Season

Being a bit of a warm weather lover the new season has only just really started for me. I have been out and about over the Easter holidays looking for the perfect venue to focus my attention on when I’ve only got a few hours or time to do an overnighter.

Now here in Cornwall there aren’t that many lakes to choose from and ones with a decent head of fish are few and far between. I had word that a very small lake far down the south was producing some good carp to 30lb so headed off down there to check it out.

The sight of all the fish bathing in the pads proved to me that they were definitely in there and some them were looking like right lumps! I couldn’t resist and had to get a zig rig out to try and tempt one of them out. It hadn’t been any longer than 30 mins when I had a 16lb on the bank. Happy with an hours fishing and looking at photos of other peoples captures from this lake I decided I would definitely be back for some more action in the near future.

One thing was bugging me a bit though, this lake was mainly a carp lake and I was hoping for a little more variety. After ending my season on Linear Lakes Manor Farm last year I managed by some complete stroke of luck to land a 19lb Pike. I have to admit I was a bit wary of it at first and needed a little help with unhooking it but after putting it back I wanted to catch another one.

So now I’m off to investigate a 70 acre lake that I know has only a low stockage of carp but these are up to 40lb and a very rewarding catch when they’re in the net. I have heard that this is also a local attraction for pike anglers so you never know I could tempt one of them out too.