Linear on my week off

It was Friday lunchtime and I’d just finished work for the school holiday. I had planned on getting my gear ready over the weekend and heading off on Monday to the local lake I fish for a few days session. Well this didn’t quite go to plan as I had had a week from hell and needed a break! So on the drive home it didn’t take me long to decide a carp fishing sesh was all I needed. I got home loaded the truck and was out of the house all within the following hour.

I drove off towards my local lake but never quite made it there; I’d changed my mind and decided to head up country towards Oxford. To cut a long story short I ended up on Brasenose 1 at the Linear complex right at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend!

Well as you could probably imagine everyone else had had the same idea and pegs were few and far between. I managed to find myself one right in the middle of the lake and that is where I set up home for the week. Now to me this lake has always been Known as a runs water so I had high hopes for the week setting up my glimmie bite alarms and new Delta GT Reels.

Well that night I managed to lose not one but two fish in the weed and woke up the following morning a more than a little annoyed. I decided a change of rigs was probably the best option and made a fresh start recasting my rigs and baiting up some perfect little clearings in the weed. Early the following morning I was rewarded with a lovely Linear mirror. Over the following two days I had the pleasure of landing a few more stunning linear mirrors.

It all stopped then, the weather had been creeping up in temperature as the days went by and the fish were no longer interested in feeding. They were getting ready to spawn and that was that! I decided to stick it out till the end of the week just in case but ending up spending my days camping and not really carping. My TF gear bed proved too be the perfect place to spend some time relaxing and sunbathing.

Hopefully all carp have spawned by my next trip wherever that might be.

Tight Line Samantha.